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Our Mission

The Medical Pantry’s mission is to deliver the most medical supplies to underserved communities throughout the world in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We do this by working with Australian hospitals, research facilities and universities to rescue unused medical supplies and equipment. We sort, process and catalogue these supplies onto our free online shop. We then partner with charitable organisations to distribute these items to the communities they care for. We hope that through our program, we can offer them supplies they actually need throughout the year, as opposed to once a year.

What we do

Medical Pantry Limited is aiming to be a public benevolent institution dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities and our planet by sourcing and directly delivering surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world.

  • Rescue medical supplies destined from landfill
  • Sort, inspect, repair and list supplies online
  • Packages delivered by partner organisations

Meet Our Team

Accomplishing all that we do requires the leadership, passion, and hard work of many people, each playing a vital role.

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