Volunteer with Medical Pantry

Have you seen the effects of healthcare waste first hand? Do you want to network with passionate individuals? Do you want to use your skills and expertise for a good cause?

We would love to have you?

Skills Based Volunteering

Medical Pantry would not be able to operate without our super volunteers. As we grow, we are always on the look out for highly skilled and dynamic individuals who can assist with special projects and back end support across the organisation.

If you have special skills then check out our open volunteering opportunities.

Team Volunteering

Team volunteering at our warehouse is Medical Pantry’s main volunteering activity.

This involves:

  • Coming into our pantry and engaging with other likeminded team members.
  • Sort, inspect and itemise medical equipment and supplies to our online supply depot.
  • Collecting donated supplies into our van and bringing it back to the pantry.
  • Packing and fulfilling donation orders.

This activity is held every Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

To apply to become a volunteer, please fill out the application form.

Or email us at [email protected].