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  • Suitable for patients with up to 50 mm of pre-tracheal soft tissues.
  • Graduated reinforced PVC material provides a high level of flexibility with ultimate kink resistance.
  • Tapered tip to assist insertion and help minimize trauma to the tracheal wall.
  • Curved for maximum patient comfort.
  • MRI conditional - Instructions for Use must be followed for use during Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • The distinctive markings on the tube permit easy setting of the flange at the correct depth.
  • Large transparent flexible wings for improved patient comfort.
  • Positive locking clamp:
    • Simple to use with positive feel and visual confirmation.
  • Supplied with a dedicated flexible Inner Cannula;
    • The unique design of the Inner Cannula means that the new UniPerc® Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tube is the first to be designed with its sizing based on the inside diameter, with its Inner Cannula in place.

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