Covid Aerosal Box – PICK UP VIC ONLY




The “Aerosol Box” is a transparent cube that covers a patient’s head during intubation. It has two holes on one side through which physicians can insert their hands to perform the procedures while being shielded from a patient’s respiratory droplets. The simple design allows for cleaning with disinfectant wipes.

This “Aerosol Box” was created by Lai Hsien-yung (賴賢勇), an anesthesiologist with Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan. The design of the Aerosol Box is registered under a Creative Commons license.

This item will be made to order and available for free to all Australian Hospitals.

Expect 7-10 days for pick up in Victoria. Please contact us about delivery interstate.

Disclaimer – The Aerosol Box is not TGA approved and has not undergone clinical trials to prove its efficacy in preventing transmission of Covid-19.

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